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Don’t look now, but the holidays are approaching fast! I just noticed that my first set of holiday cards I made a few years back are available online at

I have 2 more card sets that I’ll post a bit later, but if you have 16 pals or co-workers… this greeting tin might come in handy. You can also reuse the tin container for storing ornament hooks or dog treats. Happy (early) Holidays!


Spelling Change


My letter ” A” is included in the new Spelling Change website.  Have a look as there are some amazing artists and designers that lent there time to this cause. It is pretty cool to see how creative teh solutions were for making a statement with just a letter. I was always a horrible speller in grade school but I do indeed know how to spell change.. I’d like to start with buying a vowel please!


Nice write up in Lost at E Minor


It was nice to see the shout out from Ilana Kohn @ Lost at E Minor about my work. It is little things like that, that make me continue to love my job and not feel so isolated in my studio all day ( no offense Chubu). Thanks Ilana!


Vote For Change


I was elated to be involved in part of the Obama campaign! I illustrated this image for a series of posters, cards and stickers to be distributed across the USA. Even though time was very limited It was one of the most meaningful jobs I have ever had. So please friends.. make sure you are registered to vote in less then a month.