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Print Regional Design Awards!



I was so pleased to learn that 2 of my illustrations for Kaplan’s study guides have been included in PRINT’s Regional Design Annual 2008. Out of 20,000 entries only 50 regional finalists were chosen , so I am really honored. I completed these 2 covers for Kaplan’s ACT and SAT study guides using employees from Kaplan as the models, and since I “failed” the SAT in high school I was proud to finally have my revenge!


RISD Map 2


I just finished the RISD campus map! It was fun to spend so much time staring and coloring a Providence, Rhode Island that I remember from my college days, and am really glad that the usage might be a bit broader then the originally planned. If only they had frozen lemonade in Brooklyn.. i might not miss Providence so much in the summer.


Orphan Works Bill


Hello friends. I wanted to post a link to information on the “Orphan Works” Bill. Please take a look here to see how this very scary and real law, that has almost been passed, would take away the rights of illustrators, artists, photographers, writers and most creative people. I was lucky enough to attend a meeting in New York last Friday that was put together by the US Small Business Administration. I hope we can all fight together to oppose this career and creative affecting law.