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Happy 2012! Happy SOI!


I hope everyone had a great New years! Hello 2012! I am so honored, humbled, and happy to receive my first award from the Society of illustrators here in NYC. The opening show will be this Friday night, and hope to see some of you there. Happy 2012!


Directory of Illustration



Happy New Years!

Last year I was busy illustrating the cover and some inside pages for the 26th edition of the Directory of Illustration. I am really happy with how it turned out and I owe a BIG THANKS to the very awesome Dave Plunkert over at SPUR DESIGN who was the designer and art director. I am also happy to report that the cover image was accepted into the Society of Illustrators 2010 book exhibition. Thanks 2010!


Cover for Seattle Metro Magazine

Seattle Metro Cover

Happy 2009 everyone. I hope everyone’s year is off to a good and healthy start. I just got back from  2 weeks in Japan. It was amazing. Be sure to stay tuned to some new inspired work.  I am also excited to have just completed this cover for Seattle Metropolitan magazine. I love the Pacific Northwest and hope to visit there again soon.


Print Regional Design Awards!



I was so pleased to learn that 2 of my illustrations for Kaplan’s study guides have been included in PRINT’s Regional Design Annual 2008. Out of 20,000 entries only 50 regional finalists were chosen , so I am really honored. I completed these 2 covers for Kaplan’s ACT and SAT study guides using employees from Kaplan as the models, and since I “failed” the SAT in high school I was proud to finally have my revenge!


American Illustration 27

Public Bath

I just found out that my ” Public Bath” Piece was Selected to be included in the 2008 American Illustration Annual and show- coming in November. Thanks so much AI! I was inspired to paint this scene after visiting many hot springs in Japan over the years. I love how there are so many different baths to try out as far as shapes and type of water temps and mineral contents!